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Please click to expand each grade level for Honor Roll distinctions.

Note, students are sorted by Distinction (First Honors, Second Honors, Commended), then alphabetically by Last Name.

First Honors = 4.0 and above
Second Honors = 3.5-3.99
Commended = 3.0-3.49

*Honor Roll designation requires that no individual grade be below a B.

Fall Honor Roll: 2023-2024 School Year

List of 4 items.

  • Class of 2024

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Mateo AcevedoBelleville1st Honors
    Colin AkerWhippany1st Honors
    Matthew AkinsScotch Plains1st Honors
    Christian AlfaroCedar Grove1st Honors
    Chase AllenLittle Falls1st Honors
    Luis AmaralBloomfield1st Honors
    Daniel AmorimWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Alexander AndiaBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Kyle BagaloyosCedar Grove1st Honors
    James BalsamoWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Michael BalsamoWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Wilken BauerCranford1st Honors
    Mark Bergamotto, Jr.Union1st Honors
    Anthony James BickslerCedar Grove1st Honors
    Reed BienstockWestfield1st Honors
    Christian BlackWarren1st Honors
    Brendan BlaesserLivingston1st Honors
    Raymond BonannoWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Ryan BoyleWest Orange1st Honors
    Avene Bracey-BradleyEast Orange1st Honors
    Benjamin BrennanWestfield1st Honors
    Brandon BrunsBoonton1st Honors
    Logan BrzozowskiWhippany1st Honors
    Joaquin Inaki CadagRockaway1st Honors
    Sebastian CadenaBloomfield1st Honors
    John CamporealeCaldwell1st Honors
    Jacob Catchpole, JrMadison1st Honors
    Luca CelleriWest Orange1st Honors
    Brandon ChenClifton1st Honors
    Joseph ChieClifton1st Honors
    Michael ClarkBoonton1st Honors
    Matthew CorrWest Orange1st Honors
    James CrenshawSouth Orange1st Honors
    Drew D'OrsiMountainside1st Honors
    Kyle D'souzaShort Hills1st Honors
    Diego DauzierMontclair1st Honors
    John DecMillington1st Honors
    Nathaniel DenningerMorristown1st Honors
    Miles DePaulMadison1st Honors
    Joseph Di StefanoCalifon1st Honors
    Andrew DiMaggioMadison1st Honors
    Jordan DonesMontclair1st Honors
    Connor DouglasBernardsville1st Honors
    Brandon DunnBerkeley Heights1st Honors
    Tyler DunnBerkeley Heights1st Honors
    Marty EdsonMorristown1st Honors
    Dean ElwoodEast Hanover1st Honors
    Daniel FannickNorth Plainfield1st Honors
    Casey FarrellNutley1st Honors
    Lucas FernandezNew York1st Honors
    Zachary FigueiraNorth Arlington1st Honors
    Yan FischerSouth Orange1st Honors
    Michael FlorczakLyndhurst1st Honors
    Arthur FokSummit1st Honors
    Thomas GagnonSummit1st Honors
    Noah GarelickSouth Orange1st Honors
    Joshua GeorgeParsippany1st Honors
    Colin GiarrussoVerona1st Honors
    Owen GiblinCranford1st Honors
    Alex GittoMorristown1st Honors
    Ryan GoLake Hiawatha1st Honors
    Raul GomezBelleville1st Honors
    Kevin GorelickWestfield1st Honors
    Julian GrayBloomfield1st Honors
    Aidan GuerraSouth Orange1st Honors
    Evan HartWhippany1st Honors
    Andrew HladikWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Charles HodulikCalifon1st Honors
    Hugh HorseyMadison1st Honors
    Beckett Jarecke-ChengMaplewood1st Honors
    Francis JasoMorristown1st Honors
    Kevin JiratatprasotNutley1st Honors
    Lamont JohnsonIrvington1st Honors
    Tyler JuhlinKinnelon1st Honors
    Daniel JuniorMontville1st Honors
    Eamon KavanaghBerkeley Heights1st Honors
    Brandon KellyMorris Plains1st Honors
    Michael KellyBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Brendan KennedyWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Matthew KimNew Providence1st Honors
    Griffin KingRutherford1st Honors
    Jack KlacikWhippany1st Honors
    Matthew KnewitzMillburn1st Honors
    Luke KnezovicMaplewood1st Honors
    Luke LaczynskiWestfield1st Honors
    Nicholas LapczynskiWallington1st Honors
    Jake LaskowskiMaplewood1st Honors
    Charles LatimerWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Aidan LawWarren1st Honors
    Christian LeggeBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Justin LennonKinnelon1st Honors
    Chengze LiLivingston1st Honors
    William LigottiMontclair1st Honors
    Jaysen LimChatham1st Honors
    Brady LongstreetWestfield1st Honors
    Patrick LoPreteEast Hanover1st Honors
    Mihran MaldjianWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Gabriel MalekNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Alessandro MannaTowaco1st Honors
    Aidan ManningRoseland1st Honors
    Alexander ManoukianHoboken1st Honors
    Vincent MarinielloNew Providence1st Honors
    Taylor MasonMountainside1st Honors
    Willem MasyraSummit1st Honors
    Jaylen McClainRahway1st Honors
    Christopher McIntyreMountainside1st Honors
    Declan McKiernanEssex Fells1st Honors
    Thomas Finn McNanyLivingston1st Honors
    Colin McNiffWayne1st Honors
    Luke MilesRutherford1st Honors
    Dillon MillarVerona1st Honors
    Patrick MillerWestfield1st Honors
    Olivetan MillienBloomfield1st Honors
    Cade MinerleySouth Orange1st Honors
    Christian MirzaianMadison1st Honors
    Kyle MiskowskyClifton1st Honors
    Peter MuirSummit1st Honors
    Owen MulvihillWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Declan NaughtonNew Providence1st Honors
    Obinna NeboWest Orange1st Honors
    Miller NelsonSouth Orange1st Honors
    James NugentNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Aaron O'BrienShort Hills1st Honors
    Casey O'SullivanMadison1st Honors
    Sebastian OcchinoMadison1st Honors
    Whye Li OngLivingston1st Honors
    Ifeanyi OnoniwuUnion1st Honors
    Thomas Ott de VriesMadison1st Honors
    Joziah PaganNewark1st Honors
    Luigi PantanoVerona1st Honors
    Zachary PaterMountainside1st Honors
    Peter PelusoCedar Grove1st Honors
    John PollardSouth Orange1st Honors
    Richard PoplawskiClifton1st Honors
    Joseph QueliMountainside1st Honors
    Patrick QuinnSummit1st Honors
    Jeffrey QuintanillaMountainside1st Honors
    Harold RangesFlemington1st Honors
    Krish RavalCedar Grove1st Honors
    Michael ReadChatham1st Honors
    John RellahMorristown1st Honors
    Noah RobertsMaplewood1st Honors
    Luke RobinsonCranford1st Honors
    Hudson RochevilleLivingston1st Honors
    Generoso RomanoRoseland1st Honors
    Arun RoopaniWest Orange1st Honors
    Luke RossomondoBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Cormac RouseBerkeley Heights1st Honors
    John RyanWestfield1st Honors
    James Scannella1st Honors
    William SchlageterMaplewood1st Honors
    Connor SchmitFlorham Park1st Honors
    Nicolas SchoenCaldwell1st Honors
    Maximilian SchreinerWestfield1st Honors
    Bradley SchusterWestfield1st Honors
    Arnav SharmaShort Hills1st Honors
    Aidan SheridanMaplewood1st Honors
    Christos ShizasFairfield1st Honors
    Evan SikoraUnion1st Honors
    Lucas SimoneShort Hills1st Honors
    Michael SinghWestfield1st Honors
    Goncalo SoaresNewark1st Honors
    Jonah SolagesMaplewood1st Honors
    Matteo SpainWest Orange1st Honors
    Meikel Spencer-ApplewhiteHillside1st Honors
    John SpillmanWayne1st Honors
    Watson SteinwaldWestfield1st Honors
    Jack StellaCedar Grove1st Honors
    Navarro SurielWest Orange1st Honors
    Evan SurmayCranford1st Honors
    Antonio TaverasNewark1st Honors
    Jonathan TestaBoonton1st Honors
    Dhruv ThakareScotch Plains1st Honors
    John TierneyDenville1st Honors
    Sean ToalWestfield1st Honors
    Mitchell ToomeyNew Providence1st Honors
    Matthew TouchardBloomfield1st Honors
    Patrick TurchianoWhippany1st Honors
    Shaan UdaniMorris Plains1st Honors
    Nicholas UrciuoliMadison1st Honors
    Carlo VanVolkenburghSummit1st Honors
    Elias VelezWest Orange1st Honors
    Anthony VironeScotch Plains1st Honors
    Benjamin VyzasNew Providence1st Honors
    Matthew WendlingClifton1st Honors
    Maxwell WilliamsMontclair1st Honors
    Brady WilliamsonMaplewood1st Honors
    Robert WolffMontclair1st Honors
    Kevin WoodVerona1st Honors
    Riley YanWest Orange1st Honors
    Qirui YuanLivingston1st Honors
    Edward E. Ayuso IIIRoseland2nd Honors
    Kenneth BajzathFair Lawn2nd Honors
    KC CampbellNewark2nd Honors
    Jonah ChoiLivingston2nd Honors
    Robert ClarkMaplewood2nd Honors
    Dante CleffiEast Hanover2nd Honors
    Jayson DiazBelleville2nd Honors
    George DoyleWest Caldwell2nd Honors
    Daniel EasterGlen Ridge2nd Honors
    Edward KrupskiClark2nd Honors
    James LaMarcaCaldwell2nd Honors
    Matys MachadoNewark2nd Honors
    Conlan MatthewsChatham2nd Honors
    Thomas MitzakMillington2nd Honors
    Andrew MontoyaElizabeth2nd Honors
    Michael NevinsCedar Grove2nd Honors
    Yann NiamkeWest Orange2nd Honors
    Jerry PaneNutley2nd Honors
    Braden PetersHoboken2nd Honors
    Stephen PreziosiEast Hanover2nd Honors
    Matteo ReinaWest Orange2nd Honors
    Micah RomainEast Orange2nd Honors
    Nicholas SchneiderMorristown2nd Honors
    Christian SchweigerTewksbury2nd Honors
    Liam SenWestfield2nd Honors
    Roan SullivanMaplewood2nd Honors
    Isaiah WattsWoodbridge2nd Honors
    Erik WittmerChatham2nd Honors
    Desmond CavanaughParsippanyCommended
    Jonathan RodriguezNewarkCommended
    Julius VicariBoontonCommended
  • Class of 2025

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Michael AllenUnion City1st Honors
    Graham AndersonSouth Orange1st Honors
    Maxwell AndersonScotch Plains1st Honors
    Joshua AntilusIrvington1st Honors
    Daniel ArizaBelleville1st Honors
    Henry AyersWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Roman BaldwinSummit1st Honors
    Marco BasileWestfield1st Honors
    Henry BaumanWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Christopher BellScotch Plains1st Honors
    Christian BucciarelliFlorham Park1st Honors
    Timothy BucciarelliFlorham Park1st Honors
    Colin BurkeLake Hopatcong1st Honors
    Seth BurrowesHackettstown1st Honors
    Franco Antonio CallejasMorris Plains1st Honors
    Luke ChuaShort Hills1st Honors
    Xavian CintronWallington1st Honors
    Michael CliffordSparta1st Honors
    Graham CoakleyMontclair1st Honors
    Julian ColonBloomfield1st Honors
    Jeffrey ConteWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Theodore CoyleVerona1st Honors
    Kamau CumberbatchIrvington1st Honors
    Daniel DashkevichNutley1st Honors
    Griffin DerrEssex Fells1st Honors
    Alexander DickinsonMorristown1st Honors
    Joseph DiPisaMontville1st Honors
    Lars DorsonWest Orange1st Honors
    Jack DriscollMadison1st Honors
    Lucas DurkinMorristown1st Honors
    Harrison EgetMadison1st Honors
    Nolan EilenderMadison1st Honors
    Jack ElfstrumWestfield1st Honors
    Luke EnchWhippany1st Honors
    Alexander FaragMorris Plains1st Honors
    Maximus FigueroaLittle Falls1st Honors
    Michael FinnMorristown1st Honors
    Gavin FochtmanNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Michael FormosaNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    William FrankBerkeley Heights1st Honors
    Kaden FreiSummit1st Honors
    Thomas GabrielCaldwell1st Honors
    Brian GarciaBloomfield1st Honors
    Gregory GarciaWest Caldwell1st Honors
    William GarrettWestfield1st Honors
    Luca GiordanoLivingston1st Honors
    Stuart GoldGlen Ridge1st Honors
    Noah GomezClifton1st Honors
    Alberto GrossettiNutley1st Honors
    Dylan GuzzardoMorris Plains1st Honors
    Joseph IlankumaranMontville1st Honors
    Isaac JacobyBloomfield1st Honors
    Francois Jean-Baptiste, IIIWantage1st Honors
    Cole JordanMorristown1st Honors
    Ryan JulianoWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Egan KavanaughMaplewood1st Honors
    Timothy KeaveneyChatham1st Honors
    Conor KeenanFairfield1st Honors
    Brayden KijankaMorristown1st Honors
    Omer KorkmazFranklin Lakes1st Honors
    Nicholas LazzariNew Providence1st Honors
    Xavier LevyScotch Plains1st Honors
    Mack LipariCedar Grove1st Honors
    Christian LoGrandeWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Matthew MaceriCedar Grove1st Honors
    William MagaldiUpper Montclair1st Honors
    William MahalaFar Hills1st Honors
    David ManzoGlen Ridge1st Honors
    William MaxwellSummit1st Honors
    Jayson McArdleWest Orange1st Honors
    Marcellus McCloudWest Orange1st Honors
    Kenneth McGowanClifton1st Honors
    Michael MeanySummit1st Honors
    David MegallaVerona1st Honors
    Benjamin MillsMetuchen1st Honors
    Lucas MirandaClifton1st Honors
    Benjamin MitrowWestfield1st Honors
    Matthew MoranChatham1st Honors
    Scott Morgan, Jr.Chatham1st Honors
    William MorrowMorristown1st Honors
    Rithik NarayananShort Hills1st Honors
    Nicholas NilioCedar Grove1st Honors
    Jonathan O'ConnorEast Hanover1st Honors
    Connor O'NeillShort Hills1st Honors
    Dylan OakesWestfield1st Honors
    Joseph OakesBernardsville1st Honors
    Chisom OparaEast Orange1st Honors
    Rohan PaiSouth Orange1st Honors
    Nicolas PastorWest Orange1st Honors
    George PeralvoNorth Bergen1st Honors
    Christopher PlencaScotch Plains1st Honors
    Tyler PowersWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Jonas PreesadaIselin1st Honors
    Christian QuinonesWest Orange1st Honors
    Alexander RamirezNewark1st Honors
    Timothy RauschenbergerFlorham Park1st Honors
    Asa RavenellGlen Ridge1st Honors
    Nikholas ReinaWest Orange1st Honors
    Dominic ReynoldsCedar Grove1st Honors
    Clark RichNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Nicholas RomeoNew Providence1st Honors
    Alexandre RosentalMaplewood1st Honors
    Nolan SabelNew Providence1st Honors
    David SadekCedar Grove1st Honors
    Tony SebastianParsippany1st Honors
    Dylan SheehanChatham1st Honors
    Matthew SiemanNew Providence1st Honors
    Austin SilvermanFlanders1st Honors
    Tadas SimoneCranford1st Honors
    Cooper StahleyScotch Plains1st Honors
    Tyler SzalaClifton1st Honors
    Anthony TannousBloomfield1st Honors
    David ThompsonSummit1st Honors
    Aboti TikumWest Orange1st Honors
    Andrew TralongoRutherford1st Honors
    Jack VinitskyWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Jack WalshMadison1st Honors
    Yiming WangLivingston1st Honors
    Max WidmerWeehawken1st Honors
    Nathan YarnallSummit1st Honors
    Blake ZampinoTowaco1st Honors
    Jack AhernMorris Township2nd Honors
    Jack AstolfiChatham2nd Honors
    Nicholas AumentaScotch Plains2nd Honors
    Jonah BasileWestfield2nd Honors
    Matthew BergwallMorristown2nd Honors
    Michael BravetteLittle Falls2nd Honors
    Diego CamposUnion2nd Honors
    Lucas CamposSouth Orange2nd Honors
    William CanonBelleville2nd Honors
    Justin CookChatham2nd Honors
    Richard D'AloiaLivingston2nd Honors
    Myles DaughtryWest Orange2nd Honors
    Ryan DewlandCedar Grove2nd Honors
    Nicholas DragoneMorris Plains2nd Honors
    Michael GallucciMorristown2nd Honors
    Dylan GilmoreNorth Arlington2nd Honors
    Jack GilmoreNorth Arlington2nd Honors
    Marcelo HarschMontclair2nd Honors
    Mason HolleyGreen Brook2nd Honors
    Akshay KhuranaKearny2nd Honors
    Harrison KlossBoonton Township2nd Honors
    Matthew LynchBedminster2nd Honors
    Michael MarkhoScotch Plains2nd Honors
    Christopher MartinNew Vernon2nd Honors
    Brendan MatheySummit2nd Honors
    Malcolm McCloudWest Orange2nd Honors
    Noah NaderMorristown2nd Honors
    Matthew OessLittle Falls2nd Honors
    Chidubem OnoniwuUnion2nd Honors
    Caleb PasolsWest Orange2nd Honors
    John SaguiClifton2nd Honors
    Johan SanchezBloomfield2nd Honors
    Matthew SmithScotch Plains2nd Honors
    Stephen White IIUpper Montclair2nd Honors
    Karl BurghardtCedar GroveCommended
    Christopher CerwinskiWarrenCommended
    Julian EisenbergMorristownCommended
    Eric GehmMorristownCommended
    William MurrayWestfieldCommended
    Francesco PitonzoScotch PlainsCommended
    Vincent SaracenoPine BrookCommended
    Aidan WaltersPine BrookCommended
  • Class of 2026

    Full NameHometownHonors Level
    Jack AkerWhippany1st Honors
    Grant AkianMadison1st Honors
    Kyle AmaralShort Hills1st Honors
    Jack BarnaFlorham Park1st Honors
    Logan BarnettSouth Orange1st Honors
    Daniel BeazerWest Orange1st Honors
    Matthew BednarskiMorristown1st Honors
    John BettingerUnion1st Honors
    Owen BuccellatoShort Hills1st Honors
    Eddie ButtsNutley1st Honors
    Alejandro CadenaBloomfield1st Honors
    Liam CaseyEssex Fells1st Honors
    Owen CederqvistWestfield1st Honors
    Sebastian CempronHaskell1st Honors
    Cooper ChristianLebanon1st Honors
    Anthony CicaleseEast Hanover1st Honors
    Nicholas CirelliEast Hanover1st Honors
    Sean ClarkChatham1st Honors
    Liam ClarkeFlorham Park1st Honors
    Daniel ComtoisMillington1st Honors
    John CooperVerona1st Honors
    James CullenChatham1st Honors
    Zachary CummingMadison1st Honors
    Ryan D'OrsiMountainside1st Honors
    Luis DaCostaCaldwell1st Honors
    Roman DanielsNewark1st Honors
    Nicolas DauzierMontclair1st Honors
    Ethan DeJesusNewark1st Honors
    Lawrence Del RossiUnion1st Honors
    Nicholas Di StefanoCalifon1st Honors
    Thomas DiNardoFairfield1st Honors
    Aidan DoranChatham1st Honors
    Jason DrennanHarrison1st Honors
    Michael DuffWest Orange1st Honors
    Christopher DurkinWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Lennon EdwardsSouth Orange1st Honors
    Brody EmrichShort Hills1st Honors
    Nathaniel EstrellaFlorham Park1st Honors
    Jacob FalconerCranford1st Honors
    Matthew FarleyBudd Lake1st Honors
    Declan FarrellEssex Fells1st Honors
    Alejandro FoleyFlorham Park1st Honors
    Matteo FoleyFlorham Park1st Honors
    Zachary GallingerWayne1st Honors
    Riley GneccoWest Orange1st Honors
    Henrik GonzalezBelleville1st Honors
    Zachary GuerraSouth Orange1st Honors
    Mark HaddadTotowa1st Honors
    Sean HayesMaplewood1st Honors
    Mason HeskettMadison1st Honors
    Aidan HongMillburn1st Honors
    Andre HopeSummit1st Honors
    Michael HugEssex Fells1st Honors
    Atilla IlhanNutley1st Honors
    David JonesSummit1st Honors
    Mason KamilGlen Ridge1st Honors
    Kamsiyochukwu KekeEast Orange1st Honors
    Thomas KelleyCaldwell1st Honors
    Maxwell KellyWest Orange1st Honors
    Nicholas KitsonidisCedar Grove1st Honors
    Joseph LackiBloomfield1st Honors
    Brendan LaczynskiWestfield1st Honors
    Kieran LawWarren1st Honors
    Sawyer LeshChester1st Honors
    Chris LlivicotaNewark1st Honors
    Xavier LopezBloomfield1st Honors
    David LovatoWestfield1st Honors
    David MakowkaWayne1st Honors
    Brady ManzoGlen Ridge1st Honors
    Abran MartinezOrange1st Honors
    Shane MaxwellSummit1st Honors
    Giancarlo MerizaldeKearny1st Honors
    Joseph MikulaNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Eli MitchellWestfield1st Honors
    Joshua MoormanMountainside1st Honors
    Rafael MoralesRoselle Park1st Honors
    Colin NashMontclair1st Honors
    Sebastian NativoRahway1st Honors
    Maximo NogalesVerona1st Honors
    James O'BrienMontclair1st Honors
    Charles O'HaraMontclair1st Honors
    Robert O'ReillyMorris Plains1st Honors
    Quinlan OakesWestfield1st Honors
    Alex OcejoEast Hanover1st Honors
    Davis ParkinSummit1st Honors
    Nathan PaulIrvington1st Honors
    John PeoplesBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Austin PhamCedar Grove1st Honors
    Joseph PontorieroWarren1st Honors
    Sumay PuriMorristown1st Honors
    Jonathan RacanelliMorristown1st Honors
    Damian RamirezClifton1st Honors
    Bryce Xavier RamosWest Orange1st Honors
    Colin RodgersWhippany1st Honors
    Hector RodriguezNewark1st Honors
    Henry RomainVerona1st Honors
    Nicholas RotoloMorristown1st Honors
    Derek RounsavillSouth Orange1st Honors
    Aidan RyanWestfield1st Honors
    Parker SabiaCedar Grove1st Honors
    Logan SabyMaplewood1st Honors
    Rocco SalernoWatchung1st Honors
    Zachary SalzanoCedar Grove1st Honors
    Francesco SantoroNutley1st Honors
    Alfred SchielkeBloomfield1st Honors
    Sebastian SimoneShort Hills1st Honors
    Jack SnyderNew Providence1st Honors
    Sebastian StudzinskiLyndhurst1st Honors
    Peter TamasFlorham Park1st Honors
    Clayton ThomasWest Orange1st Honors
    Matthew TorresNorth Arlington1st Honors
    Sean TorresNutley1st Honors
    Lucas VitaliBloomfield1st Honors
    Patrick WardNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    Michael WelletLebanon1st Honors
    Matthew WernerMontclair1st Honors
    Luke WhelanEssex Fells1st Honors
    Jayden WhiteMorristown1st Honors
    William YureckoBernardsville1st Honors
    Bradley ZwigardEast Hanover1st Honors
    Devin AikenWest Orange2nd Honors
    Alexander AnteMaplewood2nd Honors
    Jason ArumuganNewark2nd Honors
    Mario AvilesOrange2nd Honors
    Reid BaldwinMorristown2nd Honors
    Daniel BevingtonNorth Caldwell2nd Honors
    Quentin BunnWest Orange2nd Honors
    Jaxson DavisSouth Orange2nd Honors
    Drew DawkinsMaplewood2nd Honors
    Luke FerraraFlorham Park2nd Honors
    James FlanaganNew Vernon2nd Honors
    Richard FoglianoMontclair2nd Honors
    Maximus FuscoEast Hanover2nd Honors
    Shawn FuscoCedar Grove2nd Honors
    Aidan GrochowskiWarren2nd Honors
    Jason HonoréNewark2nd Honors
    Nathaniel LardnerGlen Ridge2nd Honors
    Brandon LewisWest Orange2nd Honors
    Aiden LockettRoseland2nd Honors
    Anthony MackRoseland2nd Honors
    Dario MartiranoCedar Grove2nd Honors
    Thomas MatthewsChatham2nd Honors
    Jack McDermottMontclair2nd Honors
    Luis MendezRoselle2nd Honors
    Ryan MendilloWoodland Park2nd Honors
    Drew MerklingerMendham2nd Honors
    Marco MoranRoselle Park2nd Honors
    Andre MoreroWanaque2nd Honors
    Cian O'ConnorGlen Ridge2nd Honors
    Brandon PapaNew Providence2nd Honors
    Jake PassalacquaKinnelon2nd Honors
    Bryce PfefferMorris Plains2nd Honors
    Joseph ProsciaNorth Caldwell2nd Honors
    Aidan RocheNorth Caldwell2nd Honors
    Dylan RomeoChatham2nd Honors
    Shiva SrinivasanWayne2nd Honors
    George StonbelyGlen Ridge2nd Honors
    Cormac SullivanMaplewood2nd Honors
    Nataniel SweeneyNewark2nd Honors
    Preston TownsendSouth Orange2nd Honors
    James WaughVerona2nd Honors
    Andrew JankowskiFlorham ParkCommended
    Bryce RobbinsWest OrangeCommended
  • Class of 2027

    List sorted by alphabetically by honors level achieved.

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Charbel AbdelnourWest Orange1st Honors
    Ethan AcevedoSpringfield1st Honors
    Andrew AhernMorris Township1st Honors
    Jesus AlvarezBoonton1st Honors
    Dylan AntonioNewark1st Honors
    Cameron AranaBloomfield1st Honors
    Juan ArtalLyndhurst1st Honors
    Christian AvilaPaterson1st Honors
    Mario BagnaraFlorham Park1st Honors
    Adam BaronBloomfield1st Honors
    Everett BaumanWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Carter BenedictWeehawken1st Honors
    Tristan BennettMorristown1st Honors
    John BigleyMontclair1st Honors
    Cameron BonannoWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Ryan BrunsBoonton1st Honors
    Jerruel CabalfinBelleville1st Honors
    Thomas CannizzoFlorham Park1st Honors
    Domenic CarratelloWharton1st Honors
    Julian ChapmanChatham1st Honors
    Nayan Chavis-GibbsNewark1st Honors
    Colby ChristianLebanon1st Honors
    Noah CinnamonWest Orange1st Honors
    Benjamin ClarkMontclair1st Honors
    Alex CoakleyMontclair1st Honors
    Giacomo CocuzzaSpringfield1st Honors
    Jack CorcoranRoseland1st Honors
    Alexander CorrentiCedar Grove1st Honors
    Benjamin CuomoSouth Orange1st Honors
    Michael D'AntuonoWestfield1st Honors
    Nico DavilaSpringfield1st Honors
    William DearyTowaco1st Honors
    Paul DeGregorioClark1st Honors
    Lucas DeLanaNewark1st Honors
    Marco DeStefanoBoonton1st Honors
    John DeveauSummit1st Honors
    Luke DriscollMadison1st Honors
    Ryan DroskoskiWestfield1st Honors
    Ryan EganMadison1st Honors
    William EganChatham1st Honors
    James EhrsamWestfield1st Honors
    Zeke FreijomilWarren1st Honors
    Thomas GaglianoBloomfield1st Honors
    Ian GamboaLanding1st Honors
    Charlie GrubeMontclair1st Honors
    Thomas GuidoMendham1st Honors
    Daniel HarleyGuttenberg1st Honors
    Colin HasselgrenMountainside1st Honors
    Baxter HiltonHoboken1st Honors
    William HoffmanWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Malachai IbrahimLivingston1st Honors
    Paul IndelicatoSummit1st Honors
    Jack JerowSouth Orange1st Honors
    Patrick JewellFlorham Park1st Honors
    Tyler KalosRandolph1st Honors
    Brendan KeaneEast Hanover1st Honors
    Aidan KellyMendham1st Honors
    Kayden KhiabaniWarren1st Honors
    Yeoukiro LafortuneUnion1st Honors
    Ryan LameraMountainside1st Honors
    Lucas LapczynskiWallington1st Honors
    Rocco LapentaCranford1st Honors
    Mitchell LevinsonTenafly1st Honors
    Jack LoGrandeWest Caldwell1st Honors
    Noah LopezBelleville1st Honors
    Kevin LuckyNewark1st Honors
    Aidan LutzOrange1st Honors
    Gavin MacdonaldPompton Plains1st Honors
    Michael MaceriCedar Grove1st Honors
    Joseph MaiellaNorth Haledon1st Honors
    Gavin MartinWestfield1st Honors
    Lazar MaslarkovWoodland Park1st Honors
    Eamon McConnonSummit1st Honors
    Owen McCreeWest Orange1st Honors
    Brendan McKeonSouth Orange1st Honors
    Declan McNiffWayne1st Honors
    Salvatore MehalarisWest Orange1st Honors
    Jack MerklingerMendham1st Honors
    Avery MichelWest Orange1st Honors
    Casey MinerleySouth Orange1st Honors
    Nicholas MoranOakland1st Honors
    Aaron MorrisonWest Orange1st Honors
    Ryan MurrayWestfield1st Honors
    Nicholas NazzarettoVerona1st Honors
    Oliver NeillMontclair1st Honors
    Preston NitcheWestfield1st Honors
    Hunter NowackBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Yadiel NunezBloomfield1st Honors
    Lucas O'BrienNorth Caldwell1st Honors
    John O'NeillShort Hills1st Honors
    Whye Jing OngLivingston1st Honors
    Mattson PalmerMadison1st Honors
    Kevin PancikBoonton Township1st Honors
    Calvin ParkSummit1st Honors
    Alexander ParvulescuParsippany1st Honors
    Roman PastorWest Orange1st Honors
    Bryan PenaOrange1st Honors
    Zacharie PoinsetteSouth Orange1st Honors
    Ethan PutnamSummit1st Honors
    Lucas RafehChatham1st Honors
    John RasoLyndhurst1st Honors
    Luke RochaSpringfield1st Honors
    Andre RodriguesBloomfield1st Honors
    Derek SabelNew Providence1st Honors
    Angel SalcedoUnion1st Honors
    Liam SalcedoMontclair1st Honors
    William SchablikBoonton1st Honors
    Julian SchulmanWest Orange1st Honors
    Troy ShanaphyGreen Village1st Honors
    Luke SiemanNew Providence1st Honors
    Brice SimonLivingston1st Honors
    Ibn SmithPlainfield1st Honors
    Logan SmithBasking Ridge1st Honors
    Maxime TellierHoboken1st Honors
    Zebong TikumWest Orange1st Honors
    John TirpakGlen Ridge1st Honors
    Marcello TommasinoNutley1st Honors
    Jack TraversBernardsville1st Honors
    Mark UrusovSouth Orange1st Honors
    Jorry VertilusIrvington1st Honors
    Zicong WangWest Orange1st Honors
    Cole WarrenMendham1st Honors
    Nathan WarringtonMontclair1st Honors
    Logan WashburnDunellen1st Honors
    James WebberMorris Plains1st Honors
    Ben WinstonMontclair1st Honors
    Nevan ZuchowskiRockaway1st Honors
    Zachary AmatySuccasunna2nd Honors
    Kyle BoyleWest Orange2nd Honors
    Declan BurkeVerona2nd Honors
    Andrew CensulloChatham2nd Honors
    Kahden DavisTinton Falls2nd Honors
    Xavier DavisWest Orange2nd Honors
    Alex DragoneMorris Plains2nd Honors
    Michael FerraraNew Providence2nd Honors
    Aulstyn FreitasHackettstown2nd Honors
    Joshua GriffithRoselle2nd Honors
    Landon HeneyMaplewood2nd Honors
    George LeinasClifton2nd Honors
    Patrick LindenGillette2nd Honors
    Matthew MacKenzieBoonton2nd Honors
    Aiden MateoNewark2nd Honors
    Jackson MelchiorreSummit2nd Honors
    Kevin Minchala-MatuteBloomfield2nd Honors
    Paul NielsenEast Hanover2nd Honors
    Aiden NugentHoboken2nd Honors
    Joshua Alland Petit-DayLinden2nd Honors
    Oscar PfohmanOrange2nd Honors
    Evan RedmanWestfield2nd Honors
    Peyton RoyMorris Plains2nd Honors
    Arjan ShahClifton2nd Honors
    James TrupiaMadison2nd Honors
    Trevor WilsonDover2nd Honors
    Demitri ZachariaMontclair2nd Honors
    Alexander ZamoraDover2nd Honors
    Marco MastrodomenicoMorris PlainsCommended

Winter 2022-2023 Honor Roll

List of 4 items.

  • Class of 2023

    Christopher AndersonMadison1st
    Anthony ArmaniousCedar Grove1st
    Daniel ArmaniousCedar Grove1st
    Leo AviglianoMadison1st
    Seth AzevedoNewark1st
    David BairdWest Orange1st
    Owen BarattaCranford1st
    Michael BaronBloomfield1st
    Lucah BenitezMontclair1st
    Benjamin BevingtonNorth Caldwell1st
    Jackson BleeckerWest Orange1st
    Owen BogartBloomfield1st
    Gianluca BolloMontville1st
    Marcus BrozonCaldwell1st
    Robert CampagnaWestfield1st
    Jason CampbellWhippany1st
    Daniel CarlucciClark1st
    Jack CarrinoCalifon1st
    Chase CarrollRandolph1st
    Anthony CerretoWest Caldwell1st
    Luca ChirichielloSpringfield1st
    Joseph CifalinoEast Hanover1st
    John CirelliEast Hanover1st
    Ryan ConroyBasking Ridge1st
    Newman CorrietteScotch Plains1st
    Giuseppe CuttoneBernardsville1st
    Michael DavisTowaco1st
    Clark DeBerrySouth Orange1st
    Thomas DeNicolaCarolina Forest1st
    Rohan DesaiWest Orange1st
    Nicholas DevitaNutley1st
    Matthew DevlinNorth Caldwell1st
    Xavier DonaldsonUpper Montclair1st
    Brady DubeeMorristown1st
    John DuffWest Orange1st
    Charles EhrsamWestfield1st
    Bohn EnchWhippany1st
    Elijah FosterPlainfield1st
    Isaac GamboaLanding1st
    Joseph GangiLittle Falls1st
    Charles GehringerGladstone1st
    Jonah GeorgeParsippany1st
    Ian Patrick GonzalesLake Hiawatha1st
    Andrea GriecoMendham1st
    Frederick GroppeSpringfield1st
    Colton GroveMountain Lakes1st
    Sebastian GuadalupeCranford1st
    Andrew GuarinoUnion1st
    Matthew GuptaBerkeley Heights1st
    Asad HallWest Orange1st
    Berkeley HarschMontclair1st
    Christian HavilandWestfield1st
    Malcolm HayesNewark1st
    James Haynes1st
    Marcus HeitzmanVerona1st
    Corey HeldLyndhurst1st
    Clark HillabrantSummit1st
    Pierce HillabrantSummit1st
    Ethan HoarleWest Caldwell1st
    Christopher IskanderWest Orange1st
    Liam JonesWest Caldwell1st
    William KahneyCranford1st
    Severyn KhomyakWatchung1st
    Ryan KimSummit1st
    Patrick KnewitzMillburn1st
    Gabriel KovachLivingston1st
    Thomas LezynskiWestfield1st
    Chun Ho LiLivingston1st
    Aidan LiwanagWayne1st
    Daniel LoweMendham1st
    Jordan LugoNorth Caldwell1st
    Shawn LyghtScotch Plains1st
    Mason MacMontville1st
    John MaletosMontville1st
    Rowan Xavier Marcelliano LandiMorristown1st
    Angel MartinezBelleville1st
    Ryan MatulonisScotch Plains1st
    Matthew McColeVerona1st
    Connor McGahanMorris Plains1st
    Christian McPhersonUnion1st
    Mack MeadeWest Orange1st
    Rafael Rocco MendozaMorris Plains1st
    Andrew MerklingerWest Orange1st
    Christian MileticNutley1st
    Ean MillerNewark1st
    Devon MitchellWest Orange1st
    Jack MontiBasking Ridge1st
    Joaquin NiehenkeMorristown1st
    Ryan O'ConnorEssex Fells1st
    Stephen O'Neil, Jr.Mountain Lakes1st
    William OakesWestfield1st
    Michael OzgarBerkeley Heights1st
    Jaycen PaganNewark1st
    Tianhao PengLivingston1st
    Harrison PetrovcikWestfield1st
    Zachary PitaEssex Fells1st
    Ryan ProbstTowaco1st
    Matthew ProutEast Hanover1st
    Jiayi QiuLivingston1st
    Ryan RauschenbergerFlorham Park1st
    Paolo ReyesNutley1st
    Elijah RippeySparta1st
    Luca RispoliWhippany1st
    Ethan SalzanoCedar Grove1st
    Alex SantiagoWhippany1st
    Salvatore ScurtiMontville1st
    Justin ShadekKinnelon1st
    Marko SimcikWatchung1st
    Jackson SimonMontclair1st
    Connor SmallLivingston1st
    George StavrouWyckoff1st
    David StrusClifton1st
    Jared SurajballiWest Orange1st
    Jack TeagueShort Hills1st
    Jordan ThenorIrvington1st
    Squire ThomasWest Orange1st
    Michael ThompsonNutley1st
    Liam TooheyMorris Plains1st
    Nikolis TsavekouWestfield1st
    Owen WaivadaCedar Knolls1st
    Joel WalkerBelleville1st
    Connor WardMaplewood1st
    Kenneth WebbDenville1st
    Robert WilliamsEast Orange1st
    Timothy WinzFlorham Park1st
    Vincent WongMillburn1st
    Jiaao ZhengWatchung1st
    Tiancheng ZhouLivingston1st
    Freddie BergerFlorham Park2nd
    Darren BurtonNewark2nd
    Haoyuan ChaiLivingston2nd
    Maximilian De FriesBloomfield2nd
    James GrizzettiMorristown2nd
    Garrett GrubbsMorristown2nd
    Owen HeneyMaplewood2nd
    Everett JohnsonWest Orange2nd
    Jaelen KearneyWest Orange2nd
    Dylan KohlerFreehold2nd
    Tyler KohlerFreehold2nd
    Grant Lherisson SamonNewark2nd
    Gary MarreroNewark2nd
    Harrison McCoyMorristown2nd
    Joseph NaderMorristown2nd
    Damar NewcombeNewark2nd
    Stokely PalmerWest Orange2nd
    Matthew PepeNorth Caldwell2nd
    Nicholas RossVerona2nd
    Luke SudolParsippany2nd
  • Class of 2024

    Matthew AkinsScotch Plains1st
    Daniel AmorimWest Caldwell1st
    Alexander AndiaBasking Ridge1st
    Kyle BagaloyosCedar Grove1st
    James BalsamoWest Caldwell1st
    Michael BalsamoWest Caldwell1st
    John BanconeSummit1st
    Wilken BauerCranford1st
    Anthony James BickslerCedar Grove1st
    Reed BienstockWestfield1st
    Brendan BlaesserLivingston1st
    Raymond BonannoWest Caldwell1st
    Benjamin BrennanWestfield1st
    Brandon BrunsBoonton1st
    Logan BrzozowskiWhippany1st
    John ByrneRaritan1st
    Joaquin Inaki CadagRockaway1st
    Sebastian CadenaBloomfield1st
    Jack CamporealeCaldwell1st
    Michael CarmagnolaDenville1st
    Jacob Catchpole, JrMadison1st
    Luca CelleriWest Orange1st
    Joseph ChieClifton1st
    Jonah ChoiLivingston1st
    James CrenshawSouth Orange1st
    Drew D'OrsiMountainside1st
    Kyle D'souzaShort Hills1st
    Diego DauzierMontclair1st
    Miles DePaulMadison1st
    Joseph Di StefanoCalifon1st
    Andrew DiMaggioMadison1st
    Michael DunmoreMontclair1st
    Tyler DunnBerkeley Heights1st
    Casey FarrellNutley1st
    Lucas FernandezNew York1st
    Yan FischerSouth Orange1st
    Michael FlorczakLyndhurst1st
    Arthur FokSummit1st
    Noah GarelickSouth Orange1st
    Joshua GeorgeParsippany1st
    Owen GiblinCranford1st
    Alex GittoMorristown1st
    Ryan GoLake Hiawatha1st
    Raul GomezBelleville1st
    Kevin GorelickWestfield1st
    Aidan GuerraSouth Orange1st
    Andrew HladikWest Caldwell1st
    Charles HodulikCalifon1st
    Hugh HorseyMadison1st
    Beckett Jarecke-ChengMaplewood1st
    Francis JasoMorristown1st
    Kevin JiratatprasotNutley1st
    Lamont JohnsonIrvington1st
    Rhyon JonesIrvington1st
    Tyler JuhlinKinnelon1st
    Eamon KavanaghBerkeley Heights1st
    Brandon KellyMorris Plains1st
    Michael KellyBasking Ridge1st
    Brendan KennedyWest Caldwell1st
    Matthew KimNew Providence1st
    Griffin KingRutherford1st
    Jack KlacikWhippany1st
    Matthew KnewitzMillburn1st
    Luke LaczynskiWestfield1st
    Jake LaskowskiMaplewood1st
    Charles LatimerWest Caldwell1st
    Aidan LawWarren1st
    Christian LeggeBasking Ridge1st
    Justin LennonKinnelon1st
    Chengze LiWest Orange1st
    Jaysen LimChatham1st
    Brady LongstreetWestfield1st
    Matys MachadoNewark1st
    Mihran MaldjianWest Caldwell1st
    Gabriel MalekNorth Caldwell1st
    Aidan ManningRoseland1st
    Vincent MarinielloNew Providence1st
    Jaylen McClainRahway1st
    Declan McKiernanEssex Fells1st
    Thomas Finn McNanyLivingston1st
    Colin McNiffWayne1st
    Luke MilesRutherford1st
    Patrick MillerWestfield1st
    Cade MinerleySouth Orange1st
    Christian MirzaianMadison1st
    Kyle MiskowskyClifton1st
    Peter MuirSummit1st
    Owen MulvihillWest Caldwell1st
    Declan NaughtonNew Providence1st
    James NugentNorth Caldwell1st
    Aaron O'BrienShort Hills1st
    Casey O'SullivanMadison1st
    Whye Li OngLivingston1st
    Ifeanyi OnoniwuUnion1st
    Joziah PaganNewark1st
    Luigi PantanoVerona1st
    Zachary PaterMountainside1st
    Peter PelusoCedar Grove1st
    John PollardSouth Orange1st
    Richard PoplawskiClifton1st
    Krish RavalCedar Grove1st
    Michael ReadChatham1st
    John RellahMorristown1st
    Luke RobinsonCranford1st
    Hudson RochevilleLivingston1st
    Micah RomainEast Orange1st
    Arun RoopaniWest Orange1st
    Cormac RouseBerkeley Heights1st
    John RyanWestfield1st
    James Scannella1st
    William SchlageterMaplewood1st
    Connor SchmitFlorham Park1st
    Nicolas SchoenCaldwell1st
    Maximilian SchreinerWestfield1st
    Bradley SchusterWestfield1st
    Arnav SharmaShort Hills1st
    Christos ShizasFairfield1st
    Evan SikoraUnion1st
    Michael SinghWestfield1st
    Goncalo SoaresNewark1st
    Jonah SolagesMaplewood1st
    John SpillmanWayne1st
    Watson SteinwaldWestfield1st
    Jack StellaCedar Grove1st
    Navarro SurielWest Orange1st
    Dhruv ThakareScotch Plains1st
    John TierneyDenville1st
    Mitchell ToomeyNew Providence1st
    Alex TranShort Hills1st
    Shaan UdaniMorris Plains1st
    Carlo VanVolkenburghSummit1st
    Anthony VironeScotch Plains1st
    Benjamin VyzasNew Providence1st
    Matthew WendlingClifton1st
    Maxwell WilliamsMontclair1st
    Brady WilliamsonMaplewood1st
    Robert WolffMontclair1st
    Riley YanWest Orange1st
    Mateo AcevedoBelleville2nd
    Christian AlfaroCedar Grove2nd
    Chase AllenLittle Falls2nd
    Christian BlackWarren2nd
    Robert CallegariTotowa2nd
    KC CampbellNewark2nd
    Robert ClarkMaplewood2nd
    Matthew CorrWest Orange2nd
    Jayson DiazBelleville2nd
    George DoyleWest Caldwell2nd
    Thomas GagnonSummit2nd
    Evan HartWhippany2nd
    Luke KnezovicMaplewood2nd
    Sebastian KoryszewskiLebanon2nd
    Patrick LoPreteEast Hanover2nd
    Conlan MatthewsChatham2nd
    Christopher McIntyreMountainside2nd
    Yann NiamkeWest Orange2nd
    Sebastian OcchinoMadison2nd
    Joseph QueliMountainside2nd
    Patrick QuinnSummit2nd
    Harold RangesFlemington2nd
    Matteo ReinaWest Orange2nd
    Ryan RieselmanWhippany2nd
    Owen RipleySouth Orange2nd
    Luke RossomondoBasking Ridge2nd
    Evan SurmayCranford2nd
    Chase TarnoffMontville2nd
    Antonio TaverasNewark2nd
    Sean ToalWestfield2nd
    Matthew TouchardBloomfield2nd
    Erik WittmerChatham2nd
    Qirui YuanMillburn2nd
    Edward KrupskiClarkCommended
    James LaMarcaCaldwellCommended
    Obinna NeboWest OrangeCommended
  • Class of 2025

    Michael AllenUnion City1st
    Graham AndersonSouth Orange1st
    John AngelilloMontclair1st
    Henry AyersWest Caldwell1st
    Maxim Bank-WalkerSouth Orange1st
    Jonah BasileWestfield1st
    Marco BasileWestfield1st
    Henry BaumanWest Caldwell1st
    Christopher BellScotch Plains1st
    Nicolas BradleyNorth Arlington1st
    Christian BucciarelliFlorham Park1st
    Timothy BucciarelliFlorham Park1st
    Colin BurkeLake Hopatcong1st
    Seth BurrowesHackettstown1st
    Franco Antonio CallejasMorris Plains1st
    William CanonBelleville1st
    Luke ChuaShort Hills1st
    Michael CliffordSparta1st
    Graham CoakleyMontclair1st
    Julian ColonBloomfield1st
    Justin CookChatham1st
    Theodore CoyleVerona1st
    Kamau CumberbatchIrvington1st
    Griffin DerrEssex Fells1st
    Ryan DewlandCedar Grove1st
    Alexander DickinsonMorristown1st
    Lars DorsonMontclair1st
    Jack DriscollMadison1st
    Lucas DurkinMorristown1st
    Nolan EilenderMadison1st
    Jack ElfstrumWestfield1st
    Luke EnchWhippany1st
    Michael FinnMorristown1st
    Gavin FochtmanNorth Caldwell1st
    Michael FormosaNorth Caldwell1st
    Kaden FreiSummit1st
    Thomas GabrielCaldwell1st
    Vaughn GallagherHoboken1st
    Brian GarciaBloomfield1st
    Gregory GarciaWest Caldwell1st
    Dylan GibbsLivingston1st
    Luca GiordanoLivingston1st
    Stuart GoldGlen Ridge1st
    Noah GomezClifton1st
    Matthew GritsevichWest Orange1st
    Alberto GrossettiNutley1st
    Jayden HarringtonGlen Ridge1st
    Joseph IlankumaranMontville1st
    Isaac JacobyBloomfield1st
    Keith JiratatprasotNutley1st
    Cole JordanMorristown1st
    Ryan JulianoWest Caldwell1st
    Egan KavanaughMaplewood1st
    Timothy KeaveneyChatham1st
    Conor KeenanFairfield1st
    Brayden KijankaMorristown1st
    Omer KorkmazFranklin Lakes1st
    Nicholas LazzariNew Providence1st
    Xavier LevyScotch Plains1st
    Mack LipariCedar Grove1st
    Christian LoGrandeWest Caldwell1st
    Paul LomeloParsippany1st
    Matthew MaceriCedar Grove1st
    William MagaldiUpper Montclair1st
    William MahalaFar Hills1st
    David ManzoGlen Ridge1st
    Christopher MartinNew Vernon1st
    William MaxwellSummit1st
    Jayson McArdleWest Orange1st
    Kenneth McGowanClifton1st
    Michael MeanySummit1st
    David MegallaVerona1st
    Benjamin MillsMetuchen1st
    Maximilian MinorSouth Orange1st
    Scott MorganChatham1st
    William MorrowMorristown1st
    Noah NaderMorristown1st
    Rithik NarayananShort Hills1st
    Nicholas NilioCedar Grove1st
    Connor O'NeillShort Hills1st
    Dylan OakesWestfield1st
    Rohan PaiSouth Orange1st
    Nicolas PastorWest Orange1st
    George PeralvoNorth Bergen1st
    Christopher PlencaScotch Plains1st
    Tyler PowersWest Caldwell1st
    Christian QuinonesWest Orange1st
    Alexander RamirezNewark1st
    Timothy RauschenbergerFlorham Park1st
    Asa RavenellGlen Ridge1st
    Clark RichNorth Caldwell1st
    Sebastian Rios-ValdezSouth Orange1st
    Nicholas RomeoNew Providence1st
    Alexandre RosentalMaplewood1st
    Nolan SabelNew Providence1st
    David SadekCedar Grove1st
    Tony SebastianParsippany1st
    Dylan SheehanChatham1st
    Matthew SiemanNew Providence1st
    Austin SilvermanFlanders1st
    Tadas SimoneCranford1st
    Cooper StahleyScotch Plains1st
    Tyler SzalaClifton1st
    Anthony TannousBloomfield1st
    David ThompsonSummit1st
    Aboti TikumWest Orange1st
    Jack VinitskyWest Caldwell1st
    Max WidmerWeehawken1st
    Blake ZampinoTowaco1st
    Joshua AntilusIrvington2nd
    Jack AstolfiChatham2nd
    Nicholas AumentaScotch Plains2nd
    Matthew BergwallMorristown2nd
    Michael BravetteLittle Falls2nd
    Lucas BrownFredon2nd
    George CoteMadison2nd
    Joseph DiPisaMontville2nd
    Nicholas DragoneMorris Plains2nd
    Maximus FigueroaLittle Falls2nd
    William GarrettWestfield2nd
    Jack GilmoreNorth Arlington2nd
    Marcelo HarschMontclair2nd
    Mason HolleyGreen Brook2nd
    Francois Jean-Baptiste, IIIWantage2nd
    Charles KillenGlen Ridge2nd
    Brendan MatheySummit2nd
    Marcellus McCloudWest Orange2nd
    Benjamin MitrowWestfield2nd
    Joseph OakesBernardsville2nd
    Matthew OessLittle Falls2nd
    Adeoluwa OlajideWest Orange2nd
    Alexander PilipskiWest Orange2nd
    Nikholas ReinaWest Orange2nd
    Dominic ReynoldsCedar Grove2nd
    Krishiv SachdevBoonton2nd
    Nehemiah TynesSparta2nd
    Harrison KlossBoonton TownshipCommended
    Michael MarkhoScotch PlainsCommended
  • Class of 2026

    Dylan AkerWhippany1st
    Jack AkerWhippany1st
    Grant AkianMadison1st
    Kyle AmaralShort Hills1st
    Mario AvilesOrange1st
    Reid BaldwinMorristown1st
    Vincent BallKearny1st
    Jack BarnaFlorham Park1st
    Logan BarnettSouth Orange1st
    Andrew BatesBerkeley Heights1st
    Daniel BeazerWest Orange1st
    Aidan BenjaminMaplewood1st
    John BettingerUnion1st
    Eddie ButtsNutley1st
    Ronan CarterWest Orange1st
    Liam CaseyEssex Fells1st
    Patrick CasselsWest Orange1st
    Owen CederqvistWestfield1st
    Sebastian CempronHaskell1st
    Andrew CeramiNorth Caldwell1st
    Cooper ChristianLebanon1st
    Anthony CicaleseEast Hanover1st
    Nicholas CirelliEast Hanover1st
    Sean ClarkChatham1st
    Liam ClarkeFlorham Park1st
    Daniel ComtoisMillington1st
    John CooperVerona1st
    Aaron CordeiroNewark1st
    Harry CostelloMorristown1st
    Casey CuberoWest Orange1st
    James CullenChatham1st
    Zachary CummingMadison1st
    Ryan D'OrsiMountainside1st
    Luis DaCostaCaldwell1st
    Roman DanielsNewark1st
    Nicolas DauzierMontclair1st
    Jaxson DavisSouth Orange1st
    Ethan DeJesusBelleville1st
    Nicholas Di StefanoCalifon1st
    Thomas DiNardoFairfield1st
    Aidan DoranChatham1st
    Jason DrennanHarrison1st
    Christopher DurkinWest Caldwell1st
    Brody EmrichShort Hills1st
    Jacob FalconerCranford1st
    Peter FarewegeSuccasunna1st
    Matthew FarleyBudd Lake1st
    Declan FarrellEssex Fells1st
    Luke FerraraFlorham Park1st
    Alejandro FoleyFlorham Park1st
    Matteo FoleyFlorham Park1st
    Zachary GallingerWayne1st
    Riley GneccoWest Orange1st
    Henrik GonzalezBelleville1st
    Zachary GuerraSouth Orange1st
    Mark HaddadTotowa1st
    Mason HeskettMadison1st
    Aidan HongMillburn1st
    Atilla IlhanNutley1st
    David JonesSummit1st
    Mason KamilGlen Ridge1st
    Kamsiyochukwu KekeEast Orange1st
    Thomas KelleyCaldwell1st
    Nicholas KitsonidisCedar Grove1st
    Joseph LackiBloomfield1st
    Kieran LawWarren1st
    Chris LlivicotaNewark1st
    Xavier LopezBloomfield1st
    David LovatoWestfield1st
    David MakowkaWayne1st
    Brady ManzoGlen Ridge1st
    Abran MartinezOrange1st
    Jack McDermottMontclair1st
    Giancarlo MerizaldeKearny1st
    Joseph MikulaNorth Caldwell1st
    Joshua MoormanMountainside1st
    Rafael MoralesRoselle Park1st
    Marco MoranRoselle Park1st
    Colin NashMontclair1st
    Jack NelissenMontclair1st
    Cooper O'BrienMontclair1st
    James O'BrienMontclair1st
    Robert O'ReillyMorris Plains1st
    Charles O’HaraMontclair1st
    Quinlan OakesWestfield1st
    Davis ParkinSummit1st
    Nathan PaulIrvington1st
    Bryce PfefferMorris Plains1st
    Austin PhamCedar Grove1st
    Joseph PontorieroWarren1st
    Patrick QuinnGlen Ridge1st
    Jonathan RacanelliMorristown1st
    Bryce Xavier RamosWest Orange1st
    Colin RodgersWhippany1st
    Hector RodriguezNewark1st
    Henry RomainVerona1st
    Derek RounsavillSouth Orange1st
    Aidan RyanWestfield1st
    Parker SabiaCedar Grove1st
    Logan SabyMaplewood1st
    Zachary SalzanoCedar Grove1st
    Francesco SantoroNutley1st
    Alfred SchielkeBloomfield1st
    Zach ShulmanMillburn1st
    Jack SnyderNew Providence1st
    Shiva SrinivasanWayne1st
    Sebastian StudzinskiLyndhurst1st
    Maxwell TalbotEssex Fells1st
    Peter TamasFlorham Park1st
    Clayton ThomasWest Orange1st
    Matthew TorresNorth Arlington1st
    Sean TorresNutley1st
    Kai-An TsaiRoseland1st
    Joseph ViolaNorth Caldwell1st
    Lucas VitaliBloomfield1st
    Patrick WardNorth Caldwell1st
    Michael WelletLebanon1st
    Matthew WernerMontclair1st
    Luke WhelanEssex Fells1st
    Michael WojcickiMaplewood1st
    Blake WotanowskiWestfield1st
    Zhiyuan ZhangLivingston1st
    Devin AikenWest Orange2nd
    Jake BarthBerkeley Heights2nd
    Tommy BasingerMontclair2nd
    Daniel BevingtonNorth Caldwell2nd
    Drew DawkinsMaplewood2nd
    Michael DuffWest Orange2nd
    Lennon EdwardsSouth Orange2nd
    James FlanaganNew Vernon2nd
    Prestyn FreitasHackettstown2nd
    Maximus FuscoEast Hanover2nd
    Shawn FuscoCedar Grove2nd
    Xavier Geneste2nd
    Jason HonoréNewark2nd
    Michael HugEssex Fells2nd
    Maxwell KellyWest Orange2nd
    Brendan LaczynskiWestfield2nd
    Nathaniel LardnerGlen Ridge2nd
    Harry LaskowskiMaplewood2nd
    Aiden LockettRoseland2nd
    Colin LonderganParsippany2nd
    Thomas MatthewsChatham2nd
    Eli MitchellWestfield2nd
    Khryztopher Molina-PerezIrvington2nd
    Andre Morerowanaque2nd
    Cian O'ConnorGlen Ridge2nd
    John PeoplesBasking Ridge2nd
    Sumay PuriMorristown2nd
    Damian RamirezClifton2nd
    Aidan RocheNorth Caldwell2nd
    Matthew SchwartzVerona2nd
    Devin SimonMontclair2nd
    Jack SmithMadison2nd
    Cormac SullivanMaplewood2nd
    Soren SvensonMontclair2nd
    Joseph UlloaNewark2nd
    Daniel VoelksenChatham2nd
    Jayden WhiteMorristown2nd
    Quentin BunnWest OrangeCommended
    Grayson DudishNew ProvidenceCommended
    Tristan MachadoNewarkCommended

Fall 2022-2023 Honor Roll

List of 4 items.

  • Class of 2023

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Christopher Anderson - Madison - 1st Honors
    Anthony Armanious - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Daniel Armanious - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Leo Avigliano - Madison - 1st Honors
    Owen Baratta - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Michael Baron - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Peter Batanjany - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Lucah Benitez - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Freddie Berger - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Benjamin Bevington - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Jackson Bleecker - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Owen Bogart - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Gianluca Bollo - Montville - 1st Honors
    Alexander Borisuk - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Tucker Brady - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Marcus Brozon - Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Darren Burton - Newark - 1st Honors
    Devin Campana - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Jason Campbell - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Daniel Carlucci - Clark - 1st Honors
    Jack Carrino - Califon - 1st Honors
    Chase Carroll - Randolph - 1st Honors
    Patrick Cecala - Hoboken - 1st Honors
    Daniel Cerami - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Anthony Cerreto - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Haoyuan Chai - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Luca Chirichiello - Springfield - 1st Honors
    Joseph Cifalino - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    John Cirelli - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    Ryan Conroy - Basking Ridge - 1st Honors
    Newman Corriette - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Giuseppe Cuttone - Bernardsville - 1st Honors
    Michael Davis - Towaco - 1st Honors
    Clark DeBerry - South Orange - 1st Honors
    John DeCicco - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Thomas DeNicola - Carolina Forest - 1st Honors
    Rohan Desai - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Devita - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Matthew Devlin - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Xavier Donaldson - Upper Montclair - 1st Honors
    Aidan Donovan - Lyndhurst - 1st Honors
    Brady Dubee - Morristown - 1st Honors
    John Duff - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Charles Ehrsam - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Logan Elfstrum - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Bohn Ench - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Isaac Gamboa - Landing - 1st Honors
    Joseph Gangi - Little Falls - 1st Honors
    Edward Garcia - Newark - 1st Honors
    Charles Gehringer - Gladstone - 1st Honors
    Jonah George - Parsippany - 1st Honors
    Ian Patrick Gonzales - Lake Hiawatha - 1st Honors
    Andrea Grieco - Mendham - 1st Honors
    James Grizzetti - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Frederick Groppe - Springfield - 1st Honors
    Colton Grove - Mountain Lakes - 1st Honors
    Garrett Grubbs - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Sebastian Guadalupe - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Andrew Guarino - Union - 1st Honors
    Matthew Gupta - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Asad Hall - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Berkeley Harsch - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Christian Haviland - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Malcolm Hayes - Newark - 1st Honors
    James Haynes -  - 1st Honors
    Marcus Heitzman - Verona - 1st Honors
    Corey Held - Lyndhurst - 1st Honors
    Owen Heney - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Clark Hillabrant - Summit - 1st Honors
    Pierce Hillabrant - Summit - 1st Honors
    Ethan Hoarle - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Christopher Iskander - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Kyle Jackson - Long Valley - 1st Honors
    Liam Jones - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    William Kahney - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Darren Keaveney - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Elliot Kerr - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Severyn Khomyak - Watchung - 1st Honors
    Ryan Kim - Summit - 1st Honors
    Patrick Knewitz - Millburn - 1st Honors
    Gabriel Kovach - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Robert Lacki - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Thomas Lezynski - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Chun Ho Li - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Aidan Liwanag - Wayne - 1st Honors
    Thomas Lombardi - Madison - 1st Honors
    Daniel Lowe - Mendham - 1st Honors
    Jordan Lugo - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Shawn Lyght - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Ronith Maan - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Mason Mac - Montville - 1st Honors
    James Macko - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    John Maletos - Montville - 1st Honors
    Rowan Xavier Marcelliano Landi - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Angel Martinez - Belleville - 1st Honors
    Ryan Matulonis - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Matthew McCole - Verona - 1st Honors
    Harrison McCoy - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Connor McGahan - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Nathaniel McKenna - Madison - 1st Honors
    Nicholas McKenna - Madison - 1st Honors
    Christian McPherson - Union - 1st Honors
    Mack Meade - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Rafael Rocco Mendoza - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Andrew Merklinger - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Christian Miletic - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Ean Miller - Newark - 1st Honors
    Jack Monti - Basking Ridge - 1st Honors
    Alexander Murphy - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Sean Murphy - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Stephen Niamke - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Joaquin Niehenke - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Ryan O'Connor - Essex Fells - 1st Honors
    Stephen O'Neil, Jr. - Mountain Lakes - 1st Honors
    William Oakes - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Alex Oladapo - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Aidan Osowski - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Michael Ozgar - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Jaycen Pagan - Newark - 1st Honors
    Stokely Palmer - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Lucas Parvulescu - Parsippany - 1st Honors
    Tianhao Peng - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Matthew Pepe - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Harrison Petrovcik - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Ryan Probst - Towaco - 1st Honors
    Matthew Prout - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    Jiayi Qiu - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Ryan Rauschenberger - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Evan Ravalli - Stirling - 1st Honors
    Paolo Reyes - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Elijah Rippey - Sparta - 1st Honors
    Luca Rispoli - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Ross - Verona - 1st Honors
    Ethan Salzano - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Alex Santiago - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Salvatore Scurti - Montville - 1st Honors
    Justin Shadek - Kinnelon - 1st Honors
    Isaiah Shoyombo - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Julien Siljanovski - Montville - 1st Honors
    Marko Simcik - Watchung - 1st Honors
    Jackson Simon - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Connor Small - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Jack Smith - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Bryan Sokol - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Thomas Sparno - Mendham - 1st Honors
    George Stavrou - Wyckoff - 1st Honors
    David Strus - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Jared Surajballi - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Jack Teague - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Jordan Thenor - Irvington - 1st Honors
    Squire Thomas - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Michael Thompson - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Christian Timberlake - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Liam Toohey - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Nikolis Tsavekou - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Owen Waivada - Cedar Knolls - 1st Honors
    Joel Walker - Belleville - 1st Honors
    Kenneth Webb - Denville - 1st Honors
    Justin Williams - Irvington - 1st Honors
    Kelvin Williams - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Robert Williams - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Timothy Winz - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Vincent Wong - Millburn - 1st Honors
    Leyan Yu - Millburn - 1st Honors
    Jiaao Zheng - Watchung - 1st Honors
    Tiancheng Zhou - Livingston - 1st Honors
    John Annis - Morristown - 2nd Honors
    Patrick Campbell - Summit - 2nd Honors
    Michael Dunleavy - New Providence - 2nd Honors
    Conall Gorman - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Jaelen Kearney - South Orange - 2nd Honors
    Dylan Kohler - Freehold - 2nd Honors
    Tyler Kohler - Freehold - 2nd Honors
    Grant Lherisson Samon - Newark - 2nd Honors
    Ethan Maynard - Morris Plains - 2nd Honors
    Sajid Mohammed - Bloomfield - 2nd Honors
    Harrison Neill - Montclair - 2nd Honors
    Connor Ward - Maplewood - 2nd Honors
    Luke Warjanka - Millington - 2nd Honors
  • Class of 2024

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Colin Aker - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Matthew Akins - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Chase Allen - Little Falls - 1st Honors
    Daniel Amorim - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Alexander Andia - Basking Ridge - 1st Honors
    Kyle Bagaloyos - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    James Balsamo - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Michael Balsamo - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    John Bancone - Summit - 1st Honors
    Brandon Bauer - Long Valley - 1st Honors
    Wilken Bauer - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Peter Behrens - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Mark Bergamotto, Jr. - Union - 1st Honors
    Anthony James Bicksler - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Reed Bienstock - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Brendan Blaesser - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Raymond Bonanno - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Ryan Boyle - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Brandon Bruns - Boonton - 1st Honors
    Logan Brzozowski - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Joaquin Inaki Cadag - Rockaway - 1st Honors
    Sebastian Cadena - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Robert Callegari - Totowa - 1st Honors
    KC Campbell - Newark - 1st Honors
    Jack Camporeale - Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Michael Carmagnola - Denville - 1st Honors
    Jacob Catchpole, Jr - Madison - 1st Honors
    Brandon Chen - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Joseph Chie - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Michael Clark - Boonton - 1st Honors
    Robert Clark - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    James Crenshaw - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Drew D'Orsi - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Kyle D'souza - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Diego Dauzier - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Nathaniel Denninger - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Joseph Di Stefano - Califon - 1st Honors
    Andrew DiMaggio - Madison - 1st Honors
    Anthony DiPaolo - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    Jordan Dones - Montclair - 1st Honors
    George Doyle - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Michael Dunmore - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Brandon Dunn - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Tyler Dunn - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Casey Farrell - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Lucas Fernandez - New York - 1st Honors
    Zachary Figueira - North Arlington - 1st Honors
    Yan Fischer - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Arthur Fok - Summit - 1st Honors
    Broden Freker - Denville - 1st Honors
    Thomas Gagnon - Summit - 1st Honors
    Noah Garelick - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Joshua George - Parsippany - 1st Honors
    Owen Giblin - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Alex Gitto - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Ryan Go - Lake Hiawatha - 1st Honors
    Raul Gomez - Belleville - 1st Honors
    Kevin Gorelick - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Aidan Guerra - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Andrew Hladik - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Charles Hodulik - Califon - 1st Honors
    Hugh Horsey - Madison - 1st Honors
    Beckett Jarecke-Cheng - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Francis Jaso - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Kevin Jiratatprasot - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Lamont Johnson - Irvington - 1st Honors
    Tyler Juhlin - Kinnelon - 1st Honors
    Aryan Kapoor - Millburn - 1st Honors
    Eamon Kavanagh - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Brendan Kennedy - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Matthew Kim - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Griffin King - Rutherford - 1st Honors
    Luke Knezovic - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Luke Laczynski - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Jake Laskowski - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Charlie Latimer - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Aidan Law - Warren - 1st Honors
    Christian Legge - Basking Ridge - 1st Honors
    Justin Lennon - Kinnelon - 1st Honors
    Chengze Li - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Jaysen Lim - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Brady Longstreet - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Mihran Maldjian - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Gabriel Malek - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Alessandro Manna - Towaco - 1st Honors
    Aidan Manning - Roseland - 1st Honors
    Vincent Mariniello - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Taylor Mason - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Willem Masyra - Summit - 1st Honors
    Jaylen McClain - Rahway - 1st Honors
    Christopher McIntyre - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Declan McKiernan - Essex Fells - 1st Honors
    Thomas Finn McNany - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Colin McNiff - Wayne - 1st Honors
    Luke Miles - Rutherford - 1st Honors
    Dillon Millar - Verona - 1st Honors
    Patrick Miller - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Olivetan Millien - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Cade Minerley - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Christian Mirzaian - Madison - 1st Honors
    Kyle Miskowsky - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Peter Muir - Summit - 1st Honors
    Owen Mulvihill - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Declan Naughton - New Providence - 1st Honors
    James Nugent - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Aaron O'Brien - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Casey O'Sullivan - Madison - 1st Honors
    Whye Li Ong - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Ifeanyi Ononiwu - Union - 1st Honors
    Edward Oslizly - Woodland Park - 1st Honors
    Thomas Ott de Vries - Madison - 1st Honors
    Luigi Pantano - Verona - 1st Honors
    Peter Peluso - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    John Pollard - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Richard Poplawski - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Krish Raval - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Michael Read - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Matteo Reina - West Orange - 1st Honors
    John Rellah - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Ryan Rieselman - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Luke Robinson - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Hudson Rocheville - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Micah Romain - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Cormac Rouse - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    John Ryan - Westfield - 1st Honors
    James Scannella -  - 1st Honors
    William Schlageter - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Connor Schmit - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Schneider - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Nicolas Schoen - Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Maximilian Schreiner - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Bradley Schuster - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Arnav Sharma - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Aidan Sheridan - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Christos Shizas - Fairfield - 1st Honors
    Evan Sikora - Union - 1st Honors
    Lucas Simone - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Michael Singh - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Goncalo Soares - Newark - 1st Honors
    Jonah Solages - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    John Spillman - Wayne - 1st Honors
    Watson Steinwald - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Jack Stella - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Navarro Suriel - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Evan Surmay - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Antonio Taveras - Newark - 1st Honors
    Jonathan Testa - Boonton - 1st Honors
    Dhruv Thakare - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    John Tierney - Denville - 1st Honors
    Mitchell Toomey - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Alex Tran - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Patrick Turchiano - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Shaan Udani - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Carlo VanVolkenburgh - Summit - 1st Honors
    Anthony Virone - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Benjamin Vyzas - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Matthew Wendling - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Maxwell Williams - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Brady Williamson - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Robert Wolff - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Kevin Wood - Verona - 1st Honors
    Riley Yan - West Orange - 1st Honors
    John Zazzali - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Alberto - Cedar Grove - 2nd Honors
    Luis Amaral - Bloomfield - 2nd Honors
    Kenneth Bajzath - Fair Lawn - 2nd Honors
    Christian Black - Warren - 2nd Honors
    Benjamin Brennan - Westfield - 2nd Honors
    John Byrne - Raritan - 2nd Honors
    Jonah Choi - Livingston - 2nd Honors
    Colin Chou - Warren - 2nd Honors
    Michael Cicalese Jr. - East Hanover - 2nd Honors
    John Dec - Millington - 2nd Honors
    Jayson Diaz - Belleville - 2nd Honors
    Marty Edson - Morristown - 2nd Honors
    Colin Giarrusso - Verona - 2nd Honors
    Evan Hart - Whippany - 2nd Honors
    Rhyon Jones - Irvington - 2nd Honors
    Daniel Junior - Montville - 2nd Honors
    Jack Klacik - Whippany - 2nd Honors
    Sebastian Koryszewski - Lebanon - 2nd Honors
    Nicholas Lapczynski - Wallington - 2nd Honors
    Matys Machado - Newark - 2nd Honors
    Alexander Manoukian - Hoboken - 2nd Honors
    Conlan Matthews - Chatham - 2nd Honors
    Obinna Nebo - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Miller Nelson - South Orange - 2nd Honors
    Yann Niamke - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Sebastian Occhino - Madison - 2nd Honors
    Braden Peters - Hoboken - 2nd Honors
    Patrick Quinn - Summit - 2nd Honors
    Harold Ranges - Flemington - 2nd Honors
    Owen Ripley - South Orange - 2nd Honors
    Arun Roopani - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Liam Sen - Westfield - 2nd Honors
    Matteo Spain - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Matthew Touchard - Bloomfield - 2nd Honors
    Brandon Williams - Denville - 2nd Honors
    Erik Wittmer - Chatham - 2nd Honors
    Edward Krupski - Clark - Commended
    Patrick LoPrete - East Hanover - Commended
  • Class of 2025

    Student HometownHonors Level
    Michael Allen - Haledon - 1st Honors
    John Angelillo - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Joshua Antilus - Irvington - 1st Honors
    Daniel Ariza - Belleville - 1st Honors
    Henry Ayers - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Maxim Bank-Walker - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Marco Basile - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Henry Bauman - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Christopher Bell - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Nicolas Bradley - North Arlington - 1st Honors
    Christian Bucciarelli - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Timothy Bucciarelli - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Colin Burke - Lake Hopatcong - 1st Honors
    Seth Burrowes - Hackettstown - 1st Honors
    Franco Antonio Callejas - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Zac Calveric - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Luke Chua - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Xavian Cintron - Wallington - 1st Honors
    Michael Clifford - Sparta - 1st Honors
    Graham Coakley - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Julian Colon - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Theodore Coyle - Verona - 1st Honors
    Kamau Cumberbatch - Irvington - 1st Honors
    Daniel Dashkevich - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Griffin Derr - Essex Fells - 1st Honors
    Ryan Dewland - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Alexander Dickinson - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Lars Dorson - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Dragone - Morris Plains - 1st Honors
    Jack Driscoll - Madison - 1st Honors
    Lucas Durkin - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Harrison Eget - Madison - 1st Honors
    Jack Elfstrum - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Luke Ench - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Ryan Felton - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Michael Finn - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Gavin Fochtman - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Michael Formosa - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Kaden Frei - Summit - 1st Honors
    Thomas Gabriel - Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Vaughn Gallagher - Hoboken - 1st Honors
    Gregory Garcia - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Dylan Gibbs - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Luca Giordano - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Stuart Gold - Glen Ridge - 1st Honors
    Noah Gomez - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Matthew Gritsevich - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Alberto Grossetti - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Jayden Harrington - Glen Ridge - 1st Honors
    Isaac Jacoby - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Francois Jean-Baptiste, III - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Keith Jiratatprasot - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Cole Jordan - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Ryan Juliano - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Egan Kavanaugh - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Timothy Keaveney - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Conor Keenan - Fairfield - 1st Honors
    Brayden Kijanka - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Omer Korkmaz - Franklin Lakes - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Lazzari - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Xavier Levy - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Mack Lipari - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Christian LoGrande - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Matthew Maceri - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    William Magaldi - Upper Montclair - 1st Honors
    William Mahala - Far Hills - 1st Honors
    David Manzo - Glen Ridge - 1st Honors
    William Maxwell - Summit - 1st Honors
    Jayson McArdle - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Kenneth McGowan - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Michael Meany - Summit - 1st Honors
    David Megalla - Verona - 1st Honors
    Benjamin Mills - Metuchen - 1st Honors
    Lucas Miranda - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Scott Morgan - Chatham - 1st Honors
    William Morrow - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Noah Nader - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Rithik Narayanan - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Nilio - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Connor O'Neill - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Dylan Oakes - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Chidubem Ononiwu - Union - 1st Honors
    Chisom Opara - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Rohan Pai - South Orange - 1st Honors
    George Peralvo - North Bergen - 1st Honors
    Christopher Plenca - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Tyler Powers - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Jonas Preesada - Iselin - 1st Honors
    Christian Quinones - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Alexander Ramirez - Newark - 1st Honors
    Timothy Rauschenberger - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Asa Ravenell - Glen Ridge - 1st Honors
    Clark Rich - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Sebastian Rios-Valdez - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Romeo - New Providence - 1st Honors
    Alexandre Rosental - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Nolan Sabel - New Providence - 1st Honors
    David Sadek - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Tony Sebastian - Parsippany - 1st Honors
    Dylan Sheehan - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Austin Silverman - Flanders - 1st Honors
    Tadas Simone - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Cooper Stahley - Scotch Plains - 1st Honors
    Tyler Szala - Clifton - 1st Honors
    Anthony Tannous - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    David Thompson - Summit - 1st Honors
    Aboti Tikum - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Andrew Tralongo - Rutherford - 1st Honors
    Benjamin Tully - Livingston - 1st Honors
    Jack Vinitsky - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Max Widmer - Weehawken - 1st Honors
    Nathan Yarnall - Summit - 1st Honors
    Blake Zampino - Towaco - 1st Honors
    Jack Ahern - Morris Township - 2nd Honors
    Maxwell Anderson - Scotch Plains - 2nd Honors
    Nicholas Aumenta - Scotch Plains - 2nd Honors
    Roman Baldwin - Summit - 2nd Honors
    Jonah Basile - Westfield - 2nd Honors
    Michael Bravette - Little Falls - 2nd Honors
    William Canon - Belleville - 2nd Honors
    Jeffrey Conte - West Caldwell - 2nd Honors
    Justin Cook - Chatham - 2nd Honors
    George Cote - Madison - 2nd Honors
    James Delaney - Westfield - 2nd Honors
    Nicholas DeSena - Florham Park - 2nd Honors
    Nolan Eilender - Madison - 2nd Honors
    Logan Figueroa - Little Falls - 2nd Honors
    Maximus Figueroa - Little Falls - 2nd Honors
    Jack Gilmore - North Arlington - 2nd Honors
    Dylan Guzzardo - Morris Plains - 2nd Honors
    Marcelo Harsch - Montclair - 2nd Honors
    Christopher Martin - New Vernon - 2nd Honors
    Brendan Mathey - Summit - 2nd Honors
    Malcolm McCloud - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Lucas Mendes - Cranford - 2nd Honors
    Benjamin Mitrow - Westfield - 2nd Honors
    James Nettune - Short Hills - 2nd Honors
    Joseph Oakes - Bernardsville - 2nd Honors
    Adeoluwa Olajide - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Nicholas Orejola - Budd Lake - 2nd Honors
    Kyle Phillips - Towaco - 2nd Honors
    Francesco Pitonzo - Scotch Plains - 2nd Honors
    Gabriel Ramos - Newark - 2nd Honors
    Nikholas Reina - West Orange - 2nd Honors
    Lucas Samuel - South Orange - 2nd Honors
    Matthew Sieman - New Providence - 2nd Honors
    Nehemiah Tynes - Sparta - 2nd Honors
    Jack Walsh - Madison - 2nd Honors
    Stephen White II - Upper Montclair - 2nd Honors
    James Cutler - Madison - Commended
    Richard D'Aloia - Livingston - Commended
    Christian Dolz-Carrizo - Millburn - Commended
    William Garrett - Westfield - Commended
    Charles Killen - Glen Ridge - Commended
    Michael Markho - Scotch Plains - Commended
    Maximilian Minor - South Orange - Commended
    William Murray - Westfield - Commended
    Dominic Reynolds - Cedar Grove - Commended
  • Class of 2026

    StudentHometownHonors Level
    Dylan Aker - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Jack Aker - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Grant Akian - Madison - 1st Honors
    Kyle Amaral - Short Hills - 1st Honors
    Jason Arumugan - Newark - 1st Honors
    Mario Aviles - Orange - 1st Honors
    Jack Barna - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Logan Barnett - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Andrew Bates - Berkeley Heights - 1st Honors
    Daniel Beazer - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Matthew Bednarski - Morristown - 1st Honors
    Alexander Bell - Whippany - 1st Honors
    Aidan Benjamin - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    John Bettinger - Union - 1st Honors
    Jordan Burwell - Pompton Lakes - 1st Honors
    Eddie Butts - Nutley - 1st Honors
    Ronan Carter - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Liam Casey - Essex Fells - 1st Honors
    Owen Cederqvist - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Sebastian Cempron - Haskell - 1st Honors
    Andrew Cerami - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Cooper Christian - Lebanon - 1st Honors
    Anthony Cicalese - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Cirelli - East Hanover - 1st Honors
    Sean Clark - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Liam Clarke - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Daniel Comtois - Millington - 1st Honors
    John Cooper - Verona - 1st Honors
    Aaron Cordeiro - Newark - 1st Honors
    Casey Cubero - West Orange - 1st Honors
    James Cullen - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Zachary Cumming - Madison - 1st Honors
    Ryan D'Orsi - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Luis DaCosta - Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Nicolas Dauzier - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Ethan DeJesus - Belleville - 1st Honors
    Lawrence Del Rossi - Union - 1st Honors
    Nash DePaul - Madison - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Di Stefano - Califon - 1st Honors
    Aidan Doran - Chatham - 1st Honors
    Jason Drennan - Harrison - 1st Honors
    Christopher Durkin - West Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Jacob Falconer - Cranford - 1st Honors
    Peter Farewege - Succasunna - 1st Honors
    Matthew Farley - Budd Lake - 1st Honors
    Declan Farrell - Essex Fells - 1st Honors
    James Flanagan - New Vernon - 1st Honors
    Alejandro Foley - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Matteo Foley - Florham Park - 1st Honors
    Zachary Gallinger - Wayne - 1st Honors
    Zachary Guerra - South Orange - 1st Honors
    Mark Haddad - Totowa - 1st Honors
    Sean Hayes - Maplewood - 1st Honors
    Mason Heskett - Madison - 1st Honors
    Aidan Hong - Millburn - 1st Honors
    Atilla Ilhan - Nutley - 1st Honors
    David Jones - Summit - 1st Honors
    Kamsiyochukwu Keke - East Orange - 1st Honors
    Maxwell Kelly - West Orange - 1st Honors
    Nicholas Kitsonidis - Cedar Grove - 1st Honors
    Joseph Lacki - Bloomfield - 1st Honors
    Kieran Law - Warren - 1st Honors
    Chris Llivicota - Newark - 1st Honors
    Colin Londergan - Parsippany - 1st Honors
    David Lovato - Westfield - 1st Honors
    David Makowka - Wayne - 1st Honors
    Brady Manzo - Glen Ridge - 1st Honors
    Abran Martinez - Orange - 1st Honors
    Jack McDermott - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Giancarlo Merizalde - Kearny - 1st Honors
    Joseph Mikula - North Caldwell - 1st Honors
    Eli Mitchell - Westfield - 1st Honors
    Joshua Moorman - Mountainside - 1st Honors
    Rafael Morales - Roselle Park - 1st Honors
    Andre Morero - wanaque - 1st Honors
    Colin Nash - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Jack Nelissen - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Maximo Nogales - Verona - 1st Honors
    Cooper O'Brien - Montclair - 1st Honors
    James O'Brien - Montclair - 1st Honors
    Robert O'Reilly - Morris Plains -