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While students typically enter 贝博体彩app in the ninth grade, we do occasionally accept outstanding transfer students into the tenth and eleventh grades. In order to be considered for admission as a transfer student for the 2024-2025 在学年期间,申请人必须:

  • Complete the 贝博体彩apparatory School Transfer Application for Admission.  The Transfer Application will be available beginning 2024年3月1日.  

  • 在结束的时候 第三 marking period, submit transcripts covering all previous high school coursework. 为了做到这一点, complete the Transcript Release Form and forward it to the applicant's counselor at his current school so that he/she can submit the records to the 贝博体彩app Admission Office.

  • Upon review of both application and grades, qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview with the Assistant Director of Admission, usually during the months of April and May.  Please 不e that 不 all applicants will be granted an interview.

  • 所有申请转学的学生都是 强烈 鼓励 to come for a full-day campus visit. To arrange your visit, please click 在这里.

Please direct all transfer inquiries to Mr. Peter Durning '06, Assistant Director of Admission.  (973-325-7620)



  • When will admission decisions be made?

    Transfer decisions are typically made in early June.  
  • May candidates for transfer spend a day on campus?

    是的! 所有转职候选人 强烈 鼓励 to spend a day on campus with a student in their respective grade.  Transfer candidates 五月 request a specific host, or we will be happy to select a host based on his interests.  Transfer visits will begin on Monday, March 6, 2023 and 五月 be scheduled through the 新生一天 scheduling portal. 
  • Are financial aid and/or scholarship funds available for transfer students?

    通常, all financial aid funds are distributed to current students before admissions decisions are made for transfer candidates.  然而, requests for financial assistance by transfer candidates and their families 五月 be considered on a case-by-case basis.  For additional information please contact the Admission Office directly.

    每年春天, all returning 贝博体彩app students and their families have the opportunity to apply/re-apply for need-based financial assistance.  

    Transfer students are 不 eligible to receive academic scholarships.
  • Is an entrance examination required for transfer into 贝博体彩app?

    而转学生 need to sit for any entrance examination in order to be accepted for admission to 贝博体彩app, 一些学生 五月 need to sit for placement examinations in certain subject areas in order to finalize their schedules.
  • Is an interview required as part of the transfer application process?

    是的, an interview is a required part of the application process.  然而, 不 all candidates will be granted an interview.  Candidates will be selected for interviews based upon both their high school transcripts and their submitted application.

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