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If you have made provisions in your estate for a gift to 贝博体彩apparatory School, please take a moment to complete this form and click "submit" below. If you are comfortable sharing documentation of your estate gift, please also mail a copy of such documentation to "贝博体彩app  北田大道120号  西奥兰治,新泽西07052  Attn: Msgr. 迈克尔·凯利”.  This will enable us to more 有效地 steward your gift. The details on this form as well as any additional information you share with us will remain confidential. 还记得, you can designate your gift toward any department, program or fund at SHP that you wish to support!

I/We have named 贝博体彩apparatory School as a beneficiary in one or more:
Please provide details from your above selection:
This document does not bind you or your estate. You may choose to increase, decrease, or revoke this bequest at any time, at your sole discretion.
Please be sure to always use the school’s official name and address in your planning:
贝博体彩apparatory School 北田大道120号 西奥兰治,新泽西07052
Note, the school’s federal TAX ID # 22-2807217
Monsignor Daly was a teacher, 咨询师, and the Assistant Headmaster at 贝博体彩app from 1946- 1967. He led the way by making a lasting impact on the lives and the future of countless young men. 

该Msgr的成员. 威廉J. Daly ‘38 计划给 Society share a common vision of providing an exceptional catholic education to future generations of young men. Members thoughtfully choose to express their commitment to The Prep in their estate plans. 
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